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Whether I went above and beyond in a Facebook group, sent you a referral, you've been loving my YouTube videos, or anything in between, if you want to do something nice for me, you can "buy me a coffee". ☕

Hey there! 👋

If we haven’t met already, my name is Chatsoni and I’m a Bookkeeper Launch student turned web strategist for virtual bookkeepers like you!

In addition to offering website services to help bookkeepers get leads without wasting countless hours and headaches struggling with tech, I also share free website and marketing tips, tools, and resources in my Facebook community Website & Marketing Solutions for BL’ers, YouTube channel, and email newsletter.

I created this page for people who want to support my work in the online community.  So if you want, you can “buy me a coffee” using the secure form.

Thanks so much for your support! 💛

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