Everything you need to know about your initial consultation

If you’re anything like me, you hate going into any situation unprepared. That’s why I put together this guide on everything you need to know about our initial consultation.

What is it?

The goal of our initial consultation is to find out as much as I can about you and your business to see if we’ll be a good fit working together to help you reach your goals. It consists of me asking you questions about your business over a recorded 1:1 video or phone call.

Why is the call recorded?

Multitasking and taking notes during calls isn’t my strong suit. Recording the call allows me to give our conversation my undivided attention. After our call ends, I am able to watch the replay and take detailed notes.

What kind of questions will you ask?

To keep from forgetting important things, I have a handy dandy checklist to refer to. Luckily though, if you completed my client application form, you’ve answered most of the prep questions so this call will be conversational and won’t feel like an interview or sales pitch.

Some questions I may ask include:

  • Why you reached out
  • What your goals are
  • What your client situation is like
  • How your marketing efforts have been going
  • What problems you’ve been having
  • How you’ve tried solving your problems in the past

How do I schedule my initial consultation?

After you request a free proposal, you’ll get an email with a link to my calendar. You’ll then be able to choose the method (video or phone), day, and time that works best for you.

How long is the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is up to 1 hour. While some consultations end at around 30 minutes, the buffer time allows us to chat about your business without feeling rushed. It also allows us to kick off the onboarding process during the call if we both decide to move forward and work together.

What should I expect during on-boarding?

While my goal is to help as many bookkeepers as I can, I only choose to take on clients I’m excited to work with and can deliver amazing results to.

If we both decide to work together, three things will happen:

1. First, I’ll email you a proposal and service agreement for us to review during our call.
2. Next, after both documents have been submitted, you will receive an invoice requesting a 50% retainer.
3. Finally, once the invoice is taken care of, you will get access to your new client welcome guide and secure client portal containing the prep work necessary to start your project.

What if we’re not a good fit?

If during our initial consultation either of us decides we aren’t a good fit, I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction and follow up with any resources I believe you will find helpful.

What if I’m not ready to get started right away?

I understand that not everyone is not prepared to invest in their marketing right away and may need some time to think before moving forward. This is why I allow a period of 7 days before proposals expire. This means after our consultation, you will have 7 days to think over the project before making a decision.

What next?

If you haven’t booked a 1:1 brainstorming call with me yet and are interested in learning about how I can help you get more leads from your website, grab a copy of my Lead Generation Guide before our call. I can’t wait to chat with you!

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