Megan’s Journey To 28 Bookkeeping Clients

For those of you who don’t already know Megan, she’s a fellow Bookkeeper Launch student who started her bookkeeping business in January 2020.  She didn’t have a bookkeeping background before getting started but instead, taught elementary school for 12 years.

She started her business because she really wanted home homeschool her kids but needed to financially fill in the gaps. 

A friend recommended that she look into the Bookkeeper Launch program and while she was hesitant at first, she took a leap of faith and has since had great success in building her team of 8 and serving 28 clients and counting.

You may often hear the phrase that the “riches are in the niches” but Megan is living proof that you don’t need to decide on a niche to be successful. Since starting her business, she has not niched down and serves clients in lots of different industries. 

Interested in learning how she did it? Watch the interview below to hear her story!

YouTube video

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