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For clients, friends, and family who are LOVING our partnership and want to recommend me to other bookkeepers.

the process

Here's How It Works

step 1.

Identify a bookkeeper you know that could benefit from my services. See below for what makes a perfect Chatsoni & Co. client.


Tag me in a Facebook comment, send a direct message or email introducing us. Use the script at the bottom of this page if you like!


After your referral becomes a client, I'll send you a commission payment via PayPal. See referral payout details below.

here's why this works

I love referrals—they allow me to spend more time with my family and concentrate more on doing great work for my existing clients.

So I’ve made the choice to incentivize my favorite clients and partners (that’s you!) to help me find other great business owners to work with.

When you refer your friends or colleagues to me, I’ll help them save time and headaches trying to build, manage, and generate leads from their website — using a reliable & enjoyable client onboarding process so that your referrals are happy every step of the way.

By sending me only the best referrals (see below) we'll both be set up for success and you’ll be the hero who helped them solve their problem. It’s a win, win. win!

Who makes a great referral?

While I'm always happy to help any bookkeeper in need of website support, my “Perfect Client” is an experienced bookkeeper with a clearly defined niche/ideal client.

Email Script

Hi [referral name],

I’d love for you to meet Chatsoni, a web strategist helping bookkeepers get leads from their websites without spending countless hours and headaches trying to DIY.

You can check out her past work here: and learn more about her services here:

I’ve worked with Chatsoni in the past so I trust her to help point you in the right direction.
I’ll let you two take it from here to chat about potentially working together!

[your name]

Clearly defined niche:

Bookkeeping for photographers, real estate agents, dentists, etc.

No niche/ideal client:

Bookkeeping for small business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers, etc.

🎉 Referral Commission Payout Details

For each new client who books my service mentioning your name, you'll receive 10% of their initial investment. I will process these payments via PayPal between the 1st-5th of each month.

Become a referral partner

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