Website Legal Policies for Bookkeepers

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Website legal policies are no joke. Unfortunately, it seems to be something that not many people mention when it comes to building a website.

While there are plenty of free templates floating around online, the truth is that it’s most likely not enough to fully protect your business – leaving you at risk to be fined or sued.

The same way every chart of accounts you create for a client is customized to fit their specific business needs, so are website legal policies. No size truly fits all.

While templates can be a great place to start, and are better than having nothing at all, you aren’t fully protected. Especially with laws and policies being added and updated every year.

**Disclaimer: I’m not a law firm and this article is not intended to provide legal advice. I highly recommend that you speak to your attorney for specific advice. I’m just a small business owner like you sharing helpful resources.**

How do you know if you need a privacy policy?

It’s easy!

Chances are, the primary goal of your bookkeeping or  other small business website is to generate more quality leads. Whether it be because of contact forms, embedded appointment schedulers, website analytics tools, or a newsletter integration, your website is constantly collecting the personal information of its users.

Why are privacy policies important?

Over the past few years years, privacy laws have been implemented by certain states and countries to protect the personal information of its citizens. Over the coming years, more privacy laws will be introduced. Privacy fines can range from $2,500 up to $7,500 per infringement (which could mean per website visitor).

These privacy laws do not care about where the business is located; they only care to protect their citizens. Many of these privacy laws and bills also do not care about the size of the company. Because of this, I recommend to all of my clients that they consider not only having a Privacy Policy, but also having a strategy to keep it up to date over time.

My Recommended privacy policy solution

This is also why I now recommend Termageddon to all of my web design clients.

Termageddon not only helps you quickly generate a Privacy Policy for your website, but their team monitors privacy laws and can automatically update your policies when the laws change. They are the only Privacy Policy generator listed as a trusted vendor by the, an organization consisting of 60,000 privacy attorneys and professionals.

I even use Termageddon on my own website and completed their course to become a data privacy certified agency partner.

How Termageddon’s privacy policy generator works

It’s super simple to setup by completing a detailed questionnaire. Afterwards, you add the information to your website and as the laws change, your policies will automatically update! Here’s a quick overview of the details:

  1. Investment: Only $10/month or $99/year
  2. Includes an auto-updating Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and more for your website
  3. Your policies stay up to date automatically
  4. You receive updates directly from Termageddon when new privacy laws are going into effect
  5. You also receive notifications when new questions need to be answered to ensure you are compatible with new required disclosures
  6. Attorney friendly – Invite your attorney to review the policies and even ‘override’ sections of each policy to their liking, if they wish.
  7. Future updates will be suggested by Termageddon, but they won’t override what your attorney changed without your permission.
If you’re ready to protect your website and have peace of mind that your website stays compliant with ever-changing privacy laws, you can sign up for Termageddon using my referral code below to save 10% or download the free guide to learn more about privacy policies.

the small business guide to privacy

Download this free Termageddon guide to learn more about the importance of privacy policies for your website and how you can protect your business.

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