Why Choose WordPress to Build Your Bookkeeping Website?

In this blog post, I want to discuss why I made the switch to using WordPress for my client’s website projects instead of a simpler DIY website builder.

Over in my private Facebook community, Website Solutions + Digital Marketing Support for Bookkeepers, a member asked a great question: why choose WordPress?

If you’ve ever wondered the same question, you’ll find my answer below to learn why I switched from using simple website builders and started using WordPress instead.


What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a cloud-based software pretty much like cloud-based accounting solutions you use in your business, such as Quickbooks Online or Xero. 

It’s flexible enough for professionals to use without limitations on features, there’s a TON of support for it (it’s pretty much an industry standard for web developers + designers so any professional freelancer or agency will know how to use it), and with proper training, it’s user-friendly enough for clients to learn to use. 

While WordPress is not the best choice for everyone, it’s a great solution for many.  


How Is WordPress different than DIY builders?

DIY Website Builders

DIY Website builders are comparable to DIY bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks Online self-employed.  They are simple enough for almost anyone to use and great for those on a tight budget, but when your business grows and you need more flexible options, you outgrow it quickly. 

These DIY website builders are also closed source software, meaning they don’t allow you 100% ownership of the site you build. Essentially, you’re simply renting the use of their tools and space on the web.

So, when you eventually outgrow the software, you will have to rebuild your website from scratch on another platform.  You won’t be able to pick up your site and take it somewhere else.


WordPress on the other hand is flexible and open-sourced software. This means, you can always extend the functionality and add new features, and you can maintain 100% ownership of your website. Even if you decide to switch hosts later down the line (for example switching from DreamHost to BlueHost), you can transfer your site whenever you like. 


Which solution is right for you?

There’s no right or wrong answer, it just depends on your business needs and preference. 

If you are a brand new business owner on a limited budget and just need something basic to get your bookkeeping business online and don’t mind upgrading later once your business grows, a simple DIY website builder is probably your best choice and you can achieve great results. 

If you want full creative freedom, ownership, and the flexibility to add special features and functionality to your website such as search engine optimization, selling online products, courses, and memberships, I’d highly recommend hiring a professional to build your website using WordPress.

Hopefully, this information helps you make the best choice for yourself and your business!

If you need help deciding on a website solution that will work best for you, feel free to schedule a call and we’ll find a solution together!

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