Why I Host With Flywheel

Over in my Facebook group, I was asked the following question: “Just wondering, any reason you like Flywheel for hosting above others? They are pretty darn expensive.”

Since I only build and manage WordPress websites hosted on this platform and part of my website success plan onboarding process is to migrate existing websites over to FlyWheel, I’m sure this question will come up often.

So, I figured answering this question would make a great blog post for new and potential clients. So here we go!

Why I host with Flywheel

It’s true that web hosting providers like Flywheel are significantly more expensive than others you may be more familiar with (BlueHost, Dreamhost, GoDaddy, Siteground, etc.) However, I’ve found the investment in hosting with Flywheel worth it in terms of performance, security, and support.


Every second counts when a visitor is waiting for your landing page to load. Slow page speeds lead to poor user experience. Stats show that your conversions drop for every second longer your visitor has to wait and nearly half of all visitors will leave a desktop site if the page doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

Flywheel’s servers are specifically optimized for WordPress to ensure lightning-fast, reliable site performance which is great for search engine optimization (SEO).

“Flywheel’s infrastructure is optimized to give your WordPress site maximum uptime and insanely fast page speeds. Our container technology powered by the Google Cloud Platform enables us to ramp up instantly to meet traffic spikes, surges, and everything in between.”

Learn more about Flywheel’s performance


Flywheel uses dedicated hosting which means your website isn’t sharing resources (and risks) with other website owners. Shared hosting companies like those previously mentioned above, “house” multiple websites under one roof.

This opens you up to more security risks. Think of it as an apartment building. For example, if one website is hacked, all websites housed on that server are also at risk.

With Flywheel, it’s more like a single-family home. You aren’t sharing any resources or security risks with others. This helps keep your website secure.

“Our rock-solid platform was carefully crafted from every angle to protect your WordPress sites from threats. That means no more stressing about security plugins and far more peace of mind!”

Learn more about Flywheel’s security


The Flywheel team is made up of WordPress experts that you can easily get a hold of.

I’ve heard the horror stories of bookkeepers struggling to get a hold of QBO’s customer support so I understand how frustrating it can be to have to jump through hoops to get your questions answered.

I don’t want any of my clients (past or current) to have that type of experience. It is extremely reassuring for me to know that even those not enrolled in one of my website success plans will be able to contact a real person (who knows what they are talking about) for support if needed.

“Say goodbye to robotic auto-responses and low-quality answers. Our team of technical WordPress experts aren’t just here to clear out a queue, they’re here to support you, your sites, and your business.”

Learn more about Flywheel’s support

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