Your website is like your superhero costume…

In addition to being a digital marketing nerd, I’m also a big fan of comic book movies, specifically the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). 

To help build up anticipation for the latest MCU film, Spiderman: No way home, my husband and I re-watched all of the old Spiderman films.

Of course, with me being the analogy lover I am, I found a way to use this as an opportunity to relate the film to marketing.

Your first website is like a superhero’s first costume. It’s not going to be perfect and it’s not going to be final. 

Start with what you have so you can put yourself out there and start helping people. You can always upgrade later.  

Below is an image from one of the early Spiderman films. 

Spiderman’s first costume

This first costume was a simple mask and a hoodie with his symbol painted on it. The goal was to hide his personal identity and establish himself as a superhero. Your first website project will probably be very similar. A few simple pages (maybe even just one) with your contact information and a quick logo you put together to establish yourself as a professional bookkeeper.

Will it be the final version? Probably not. But can it get the job done to help you get your name out there and start landing clients? Absolutely. 

Once you get into the swing of things (see what I did there?), you can always upgrade your website the same way Spiderman upgraded his costume to the version we all know and love. 

Spiderman’s final costume

The moral of the story is not to let perfectionism become an excuse for procrastination. 

Every day you waste tweaking your website before launching is a day you miss out on building relationships with potential clients. Remember, done is better than perfect. 

If you need help putting together your first website, you can schedule a call with me and I’ll point you in the right direction. I’m here and always happy to help!

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